Bitcoin-Börse Coinapult war Ziel eines Hackerangriffs

Bitcoin Bowl: Football for Bitcoiners 101

Bitcoin Community,
As many of you know, Bitpay is sponsoring the NCAA (college level) Bitcoin Bowl which plays the 26th at 8pm EST.
A huge thanks to Tony and the Bitpay team for putting the Bitcoin name out there, over their own company, and all the work done to get hundred of merchants accepting around the stadium.
I'm excited to watch, just to see some crusty football announcers forced to talk about bitcoin.
The Tampa Bay Times put out an article, finishing with a helpful “How Bitcoin Works,” with such gems as,
“Now the QR code, after being scanned, links the merchant and the buyer's bitcoin wallet. The buyer then enters the amount owed, a private access code and payment approval. (You'll still pay tax on certain things. You can still tip your waiter at a restaurant. It's actually not that different. Well, kind of!)”
Few bitcoiners are... traditionally interested in American football. I thought I'd put together a quick guide so that any bitcoiner can watch the game and sound like they know what they are talking about.
With no further ado, How Football Works for Bitcoiners, with some silly analogies. bitcoin – I'm sure you have some far better ones... :)
Quarterback: touches ball every offensive play, hands off to a running back, or passes to a receiver or tight end. Bitcoin analogy: Gavin Andresen. If he isn't on his game, it isn't a guaranteed loss, but everyone else will need to pick up the slack.
Touchdown: Get into the end zone - either end of the 100 yard (91.44 meters for international readers) field yields your team 6 points, with a short kick for an additional point to make it 7 points. Bitcoin analogy: Price bubble – we're going to the moon! Both seem great and unstoppable at the time, there is a lot of irrational celebration, and in both cases, the game is rarely over.
Touchdown celebration: Randy Moss goes to the moon
Price bubble celebration: Bitcoin price goes to the moon
Interception: Quarterback throws a pass, but the defense catches it, you have an interception. Bitcoin analogy:
First Down: When the offense advances 10 yards or more from the line of scrimmage within 4 plays, they get a first down, and a set of new 4 plays. Bitcoin analogy: Block confirmation – this is the lifeblood of a football team, and the bitcoin space. Wait, is bitcoin dead yet? Wait.....
Goxxed: A familiar term to bitcoiners, I propose as new football term to describe a play like this:
Defense: Tries to halt the offense from advancing down the field and stop a touchdown.
Bitcoin analogy: NY DFS headed by Ben Lawsky. Much like the terribly ranked Jacksonville Jaguars defense, they can't slow this thing down for long.
Anyone have any better analogies?
Excited to see what 2015 brings for Bitcoin - Justin Blincoe, Coinapult
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