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Of Wolves and Weasels - Day 45 - Breadth and Scope

Hey all! GoodShibe here!
Yesterday I spoke about those off doing great work on our behalf, taking the lead or pushing the boundaries of what Dogecoin can do.
I think today is a great chance for everyone to get a real sense of what's going on here - what a group of 65,000+ Shibes has and is accomplishing as we speak (err... type).
So, please, if I've forgotten anyone, don't feel bad -- especially if you're doing something in another sub -- just let me know in the comments and I'll add it to the list, okay?
Here we go!
Recently Completed Projects
In Progress
Have I missed something? I'm sure I've missed something! I can keep going but I'm already running late for work (got carried away)! Post in the comments and I'll add as I have time over the course of the day :D)
It's 9:14AM EST and we're at 52.53% of DOGEs found. Our Global Hashrate is spiking from ~68 to ~89 Gigahashes per second but our Difficulty is still riding low at ~1027!
Go! Mine! Have fun!
As always, I appreciate your support!
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Noobs view on last 24hrs and why crypto needs regulation

Please stick with this ramble / musings of a mad man!!
Soooo, in the last 24hrs over $1000 wiped off the value of bitcoin. Here’s what I think happened and will keep happening until bitcoin is regulated.
A whale (financial institution, hedge fund or very wealth individual) shorts bitcoin when it’s on a bullish run, creates and published some FUD articles then dumps nearly a billion worth of cut price bitcoin from a dormant wallet onto the open market.
The red candles appear and the day traders start getting jittery and start selling as they don’t want to loose the small profits they’ve made. This triggers the stop losses of sleeping half of the worlds traders, thus sending the bullish market into free fall.
Meantime the whale sits back and watches the carnage and smiles counting his windfall from the shorts.
Then the market bottoms out, holdl’s start buying the dip, the whale sees that it’s bottomed out, starts buying back all his bitcoin and more for a lot less then he sold it for. Lots of profits again.
Whale sits back watches the market turn bullish again and then repeats the process.
I’m a noob and have been buying the dip for a year and am about 50% loss ( shhh 🤫 don’t tell the wife)
In my opinion it doesn’t matter how many BTC ATMS show up, it doesn’t matter how many websites let you pay in crypto.
Until the blatant insider trading and market manipulation is brought under control. Small to medium bag holders don’t stand a chance in this game.
Or I might just be waffling a load of nonsense!
Convince me I’m wrong!
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Noobs view on latest crash and why we need regulation!

Please stick with this ramble / musings of a mad man!!
Soooo, in the last 24hrs over $1000 wiped off the value of bitcoin. Here’s what I think happened and will keep happening until bitcoin is regulated.
A whale (financial institution, hedge fund or very wealth individual) shorts bitcoin when it’s on a bullish run, creates and published some FUD articles then dumps nearly a billion worth of cut price bitcoin from a dormant wallet onto the open market.
The red candles appear and the day traders start getting jittery and start selling as they don’t want to loose the small profits they’ve made. This triggers the stop losses of sleeping half of the worlds traders, thus sending the bullish market into free fall.
Meantime the whale sits back and watches the carnage and smiles counting his windfall from the shorts.
Then the market bottoms out, holdl’s start buying the dip, the whale sees that it’s bottomed out, starts buying back all his bitcoin and more for a lot less then he sold it for. Lots of profits again.
Whale sits back watches the market turn bullish again and then repeats the process.
I’m a noob and have been buying the dip for a year and am about 50% loss ( shhh 🤫 don’t tell the wife)
In my opinion it doesn’t matter how many BTC ATMS show up, it doesn’t matter how many websites let you pay in crypto.
Until the blatant insider trading and market manipulation is brought under control. Small to medium bag holders don’t stand a chance in this game.
Or I might just be waffling a load of nonsense!
Convince me I’m wrong!
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Secure paper wallet tutorial

This is my handout for paranoid people who want a way to store bitcoin safely. It requires a little work, but this is the method I use because it should be resistant to risks associated with:
  1. Bad random number generators
  2. Malicious or flawed software
  3. Hacked computers
If you want a method that is less secure but easier, skip to the bottom of this post.
The Secure Method
  1. Download (Try going to the website and pressing "ctrl+s")
  2. Put the file on a computer with an operating system that has not interacted with the internet much or at all. The computer should not be hooked up to the internet when you do this. You could put the bitaddress file on a USB stick, and then turn off your computer, unplug the internet, and boot it up using a boot-from-CD copy of linux (Ubuntu or Mint for example). This prevents any mal-ware you may have accumulated from running and capturing your keystrokes. I use an old android smart phone that I have done a factory reset on. It has no sim-card and does not have the password to my home wifi. Also the phone wifi is turned off. If you are using a fresh operating system, and do not have a connection to the internet, then your private key will probably not escape the computer.
  3. Roll a die 62 times and write down the sequence of numbers. This gives you 2160 possible outcomes, which is the maximum that Bitcoin supports.
  4. Run from your offline computer. Input the sequence of numbers from the die rolls into the "Brain Wallet" tab. By providing your own source of randomness, you do not have to worry that the random number generator used by your computer is too weak. I'm looking at you, NSA ಠ_ಠ
  5. Brain Wallet tab creates a private key and address.
  6. Write down the address and private key by hand or print them on a dumb printer. (Dumb printer means not the one at your office with the hard drive. Maybe not the 4 in 1 printer that scans and faxes and makes waffles.) If you hand copy them you may want to hand copy more than one format. (WIF and HEX). If you are crazy and are storing your life savings in Bitcoin, and you hand copy the private key, do a double-check by typing the private key back into the tool on the "Wallet Details" tab and confirm that it recreates the same public address.
  7. Load your paper wallet by sending your bitcoin to the public address. You can do this as many times as you like.
  8. You can view the current balance of your paper wallet by typing the public address into the search box at
  9. If you are using an old cell phone or tablet do a factory reset when you are finished so that the memory of the private keys is destroyed. If you are using a computer with a boot-from-CD copy of linux, I think you can just power down the computer and the private keys will be gone. (Maybe someone can confirm for me that the private keys would not be able to be cached by bitaddress?)
  10. To spend your paper wallet, you will need to either create an offline transaction, or import the private key into a hot wallet. Creating an offline transaction is dangerous if you don't know what you are doing. Importing to a client side wallet like Bitcoin-Qt, Electrum, MultiBit or Armory is a good idea. You can also import to an online wallet such as or Coinbase.
The only thing you need to do is to honestly convert the brainwallet passphrase into the corresponding private key and address. You can verify that it is doing this honestly by running several test passphrases through the copy of bitaddress that you plan on using, and several other brainwallet generators. For example, you could use the online version of bitaddress, and brainwallet and safepaperwallet and bitcoinpaperwallet. If you are fancy with the linux command line, you can also try "echo -n my_die_rolls | sha256sum". The linux operating system should reply with the same private key that bitaddress makes. This protects you from a malicious paper wallet generator.
Trusting your copy of
Bitaddress publishes the sha1 hash of the website at this location:
The message is signed by the creator, pointbiz. I found his PGP fingerprint here:
"527B 5C82 B1F6 B2DB 72A0 ECBF 8749 7B91 6397 4F5A"
With this fingerprint, you can authenticate the signed message, which gives you the hash of the current file. Then you can hash your copy of the file and authenticate the file.
I do not have a way to authenticate the fingerprint itself, sorry. According to the website I linked to, git has cryptographic traceability that would enable a person to do some research and authenticate the fingerprint. If you want to go that far, knock yourself out. I think that the techniques described in this document do not really rely on bitaddress being un-corrupt. Anyway, how do we know pointbiz is a good guy? ;-)
There are a lot of skilled eyes watching and the signed sha1 hash. To gain the most benefit from all of those eyes, it's probably worthwhile to check your copy by hashing it and comparing to the published hash.
"But we aren't supposed to use brainwallets"
You are not supposed to use brainwallets that have predictable passphrases. People think they are pretty clever about how they pick their passphrases, but a lot of bitcoins have been stolen because people tend to come up with similar ideas. If you let dice generate the passphrase, then it is totally random, and you just need to make sure to roll enough times.
How to avoid spending your life rolling dice
When I first started doing this, I rolled a die 62 times for each private key. This is not necessary. You can simply roll the die 62 times and keep the sequence of 62 numbers as a "seed". The first paper address you create would use "my die rolls-1" as the passphrase, the second would be "my die rolls-2" and so on. This is safe because SHA256 prevents any computable relationship between the resulting private key family.
Of course this has a certain bad security scenario -- if anyone obtains the seed they can reconstruct all of your paper wallets. So this is not for everyone! On the other hand, it also means that if you happen to lose one of your paper wallets, you could reconstruct it so long as you still had the seed.
One way to reduce this risk is to add an easy to remember password like this: "my die rolls-password-1".
If you prefer, you can use a technique called diceware to convert your die rolls to words that still contain the same quantity of entropy, but which could be easier to work with. I don't use diceware because it's another piece of software that I have to trust, and I'm just copy/pasting my high entropy seed, so I don't care about how ugly it is.
Why not input the dice as a Base 6 private key on the Wallet Details tab?
Two reasons. First of all, this option requires that you roll the die 99 times, but you do not get meaningful additional protection by rolling more than 62 times. Why roll more times if you don't have to? Second, I use the "high entropy seed" method to generate multiple private keys from the same die rolls. Using the Base 6 option would require rolling 99 times for every private key.
I'm a big nerd with exotic dice. How many times to roll?
Put this formula in Excel to get the number of times to roll: "=160*LOG(2,f)" where f = number of faces on the die. For example, you would roll a d16 40 times. By the way, somewhat unbelievably casino dice are more fair than ordinary dice
The "Change address" problem:
You should understand change addresses because some people have accidentally lost money by not understanding it.
Imagine your paper wallet is a 10 dollar bill. You use it to buy a candy bar. To do this you give the cashier the entire 10 dollar bill. They keep 1 dollar and give you 9 dollars back as change.
With Bitcoin, you have to explicitly say that you want 9 dollars back, and you have to provide an address where it should go to. If you just hand over the 10 dollar bill, and don't say you want 9 dollars back, then the miner who processes the transaction gives 1 dollar to the store and keeps the remainder themselves.
Wallet software like Bitcoin-Qt handles this automatically for you. They automatically make "change addresses" and they automatically construct transactions that make the change go to the change address.
There are three ways I know of that the change problem can bite you:
  1. You generate a raw transaction by hand, and screw up. If you are generating a transaction "by hand" with a raw transaction editor, you need to be extra careful that your outputs add up to the same number as your inputs. Otherwise, the very lucky miner who puts your transaction in a block will keep the difference.
  2. You import a paper wallet into a wallet software and spend part of it, and then think that the change is in the paper wallet. The change is not in the paper wallet. It is in a change address that the wallet software generated. That means that if you lose your wallet.dat file you will lose all the change. The paper wallet is empty.
  3. You import a paper wallet into a wallet software and spend part of it, and then think that the change is in the change address that the wallet software generated. If the transaction did not need to consume all of the "outputs" used to fund the paper wallet, then there could be some unspent outputs still located at the address of the paper wallet. If you destroyed the paper wallet, and destroyed the copy of the private key imported to the wallet software, then you could not access this money. (E.g. if you restored the software wallet from its seed, thinking all of the money was moved to the wallet-generated change addresses.)
For more on this, see here
The hot paper wallet problem
Your bitcoin in your paper wallet are secure, so long as the piece of paper is secure, until you go to spend it. When you spend it, you put the private key onto a computer that is connected to the internet. At this point you must regard your paper wallet address as hot because the computer you used may have been compromised. It now provides much less protection against theft of your coins. If you need the level of protection that a cold paper wallet provides, you need to create a new one and send your coins to it.
Destroying your paper wallet address
Do not destroy the only copy of a private key without verifying that there is no money at that address. Your client may have sent change to your paper wallet address without you realizing it. Your client may have not consumed all of the unspent outputs available at the paper wallet address. You can go to and type the public address into the search window to see the current balance. I don't bother destroying my used/empty paper wallet addresses. I just file them away.
Encrypting your private key
BIP 0038 describes a standardized way to encrypt your paper wallet private key. A normal paper wallet is vulnerable because if anyone sees the private key they can take the coins. The BIP38 protocol is even resistant to brute force attacks because it uses a memory intensive encryption algorithm called scrypt. If you want to encrypt your wallets using BIP38, I recommend that you use bitcoinpaperwallet because they will let you type in your own private key and will encrypt it for you. As with bitaddress, for high security you should only use a local copy of this website on a computer that will never get connected to the internet.
Splitting your private key
Another option for protecting the private key is to convert it into multiple fragments that must be brought together. This method allows you to store pieces of your key with separate people in separate locations. It can be set up so that you can reconstitute the private key when you have any 2 out of the 3 fragments. This technique is called Shamir's Secret Sharing. I have not tried this technique, but you may find it valuable. You could try using this website which will help you split up a key. As before, you should do this on an offline computer. Keep in mind if you use this service that you are trusting it to work properly. It would be good to find other independently created tools that could be used to validate the operation of passguardian. Personally, I would be nervous destroying the only copy of a private key and relying entirely on the fragments generated by the website.
Looks like Bitaddress has an implementation of Shamir's Secret Sharing now under the "Split Wallet" tab. However it would appear that you cannot provide your own key for this, so you would have to trust bitaddress.
Durable Media
Pay attention to the media you use to record your paper wallet. Some kinds of ink fade, some kinds of paper disintegrate. Moisture and heat are your enemies.
In addition to keeping copies of my paper wallet addresses I did the following:
  1. Order a set of numeric metal stamps. ($10)
  2. Buy a square galvanized steel outlet cover from the hardware store ($1)
  3. Buy a sledgehammer from the hardware store
  4. Write the die rolls on the steel plate using a sharpie
  5. Use the hammer to stamp the metal. Do all the 1's, then all the 2's etc. Please use eye protection, as metal stamp may emit sparks or fly unexpectedly across the garage. :-)
  6. Use nail polish remover to erase the sharpie
If you trust electrum you might try running it on an offline computer, and having it generate a series of private keys from a seed. I don't have experience with this software, but it sounds like there are some slick possibilities there that could save you time if you are working with a lot of addresses.
Message to the downvoters
I would appreciate it if you would comment, so that I can learn from your opinion. Thanks!
The Easy Method
This method is probably suitable for small quantities of bitcoin. I would not trust it for life-altering sums of money.
  1. Download the website to your hard drive.
  2. Close your browser
  3. Disconnect from the internet
  4. Open the website from your hard drive.
  5. Print a paper wallet on your printer
  6. Close your browser
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Basic safety for ABSOLUTE absolute tech idiot

sorry to ask questions what seem so stupid but im sure by the title of this forum this is the right place. basically, i have been wanting to buy around a quarter of half of a whole bitcoin for over a year now (just to hold it as an investment) .but everytime i start to read on how to do it 100% safely here is what i hear,... can be hacked,never even put the computer online,use a computer that has never even been turned on,paper wallets,printer that has never been use before,keys,reznor, blah blah. basically i havent gota clue what it all means , i just get scared to death and end up not going any further due to paranoia, in the meanwhile i regularly look at the price of it and think 'for fuck sake, why is it so hard?' before i go any further i need to explain what i mean by tech idiot...i mean tech idiot! i still refuse to have a smartphone because they drive me nuts seeing everyone constantly staring at phones out in the real world, i dont even want to start getting into that life.i have an old nokia and thats all i want or need. i have a laptop, all i do is use email, and read articles, and watch videos . thats about as far as i can go technology wise. as far as i can gain upto now in order for me to buy a bitcoin, i make a paper wallet on a new cheap printer, go on local bitcoins, take my money, meet someone near a police station in public, and then what? im just not sure what the next step is? if it just means i hand the money over to the person and i write down two keys on my paper wallet and then save it somewhere safe, how do i know he has given me real keys? i know it sound mad but if i never put the keys online how do check that i even own any bitcoin? does this make sense or sound like madness? because ive heard the only guaranteed safe way to keep them safe is if they never ever ever have been online?? do you see what i mean about confusing? sorry for the waffling, its my first post EVER on reddit.
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Want to help ReddCoin? Remember to be nice to newcomers!

Hi /ReddCoin!
Want to help ReddCoin? Remember to be nice to newcomers.
Look at the current road map. With PoSV growing out of its infant stages, with the Social Tip Platform coming in a few months, along with the Social X whitepaper, Android/iOS/web wallets, Social Broadcast, etc., there are going to be a lot of people lurking /ReddCoin.
Some of them are going to be asking questions. A lot of these questions are going to be questions you already know the answer too, but you have to remember that newcomers will be asking these questions because they don't know the answer to them.
Be nice to them. Don't tell them, "the search button is right there." Don't tell them, "search this sub, there's been a lot of posts about this already." Don't tell them anything like that. This is horrible customer service. ReddCoin can't be the Social Currency if its community isn't social.
But I'm also a realistic person. It can get really tedious to type the same things over and over again. So what I've done is typed everything out for you already. I've preformatted the text as well.
So if someone new asks a question that's in this thread, all you have to do is refer to this post (or refer them to this post in general), and then copy and paste the answer. All the formatting is already done for you, so it's that simple!
Want to test it out? Copy and paste random entries below and enter in the comments below to see how easy it is! Feel free to change any grammer, words, etc. Tailor it the responses to your style! As long as people's questions get answered, :).
Do you see a broken link, typo, or incorrect information? Want to add in another question and answer entry? Let me know! Tips will be given!
Just Joined ReddCoin. What Do I Do Now?
Copy and Paste:
Hello and welcome! First: 1. Have you seen ReddCoin's [Official Video]( 2. Have you downloaded yourself a [wallet]( 3. Have you gotten to know ReddCoin's algorithm, [Proof-of-Stake-Velocity (PoSV)]( This is an algorithm that is exclusive only to ReddCoin! 4. Have you visited ReddCoin's [Official Website]( to see all the [great features]( associated with ReddCoin? 5. Have you visited ReddCoin's [Official News Site]( to read all the great articles written by fellow community members? 6. Have you watched all the awesome ReddCoin [related videos]( 7. Have you purchased some ReddCoins directly with Paypal on [WeSellRedd]( or traded some BitCoins for ReddCoins on [Cryptsy]( If you've done all that already, then you're pretty much a ReddCoin veteran by now! Stick around and contribute to [/ReddCoin](! 
What is Proof-of-Stake-Velocity (PoSV)?
Copy and Paste:
**What is Proof-of-Stake-Velocity (PoSV)?** Proof-of-Stake-Velocity (PoSV) is a brand new algorithm created by the ReddCoin Developer Team that is exclusive only to ReddCoin. It encourages both ownership (Stake) and activity (Velocity). PoSV hopes to solve many of the issues that traditional Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) algorithms currently suffer from. Here is more information regarding PoSV: * [White Paper]( * [FAQ]( * [Guide]( 
Where Can I Get A ReddCoin Wallet?
Copy and Paste:
**Where Can I Get A ReddCoin Wallet?** There are two types of ReddCoin [wallets]( The standard QT wallet and the ReddCoin-exclusive [Social Wallet]( QT Wallets (v1.3.1.2) | Social Wallets (v1.1.1) :--------:|:--------: [Windows]( | [Windows]( [Mac]( | [Mac]( [Linux]( | [Linux 32]( [Source Code]( | [Linux 64]( 
Where Can I Mine ReddCoin?
Copy and Paste:
**Where Can I Mine ReddCoin?** ReddCoin can no longer be mined directly. ReddCoin switched its algorithm to [Proof-of-Stake-Velocity (PoSV)]( and it can only be minted now, not mined. There are two ways to, "mine," ReddCoin: 1. Join a ReddCoin MultiPool such as [HashCows]( that will mine other coins and exchange those coins for ReddCoins for you 2. Join a BitCoin MultiPool such as [WafflePool]( or []( and exchange your BitCoins for ReddCoins 
Where Can I Buy More ReddCoins?
Copy and Paste:
**Where Can I Buy More ReddCoins?** * Buy ReddCoins directly with PayPal on [WeSellRedd]( * Purchase BitCoins on fiat exchanges such as [Coinbase]( and exchange those BitCoins for ReddCoins on crypto exchanges such as [Cryptsy]( 
How Can I Get More ReddCoins?
Copy and Paste:
**How Can I Get More ReddCoins?** There are seven ways to get more ReddCoins: 1. Buy ReddCoins directly with PayPal on [WeSellRedd]( 2. Purchase BitCoins on fiat exchanges such as [Coinbase]( and exchange those BitCoins for ReddCoins on crypto exchanges such as [Cryptsy]( 3. Join a ReddCoin MultiPool such as [HashCows]( 4. Join a BitCoin MultiPool such as [WafflePool]( or []( and exchange your BitCoins for ReddCoins 5. Visit all the ReddCoin faucets on [/ReddCoin]('s sidebar 6. Contribute on a social network with a current ReddCoin TipBot such as [Reddit](, [Twitter](, or [Twitch]( so other users can tip you ReddCoins 7. Sell your products or services for ReddCoins 
How Exactly Do Tips Work?
Copy and Paste:
**How Exactly Do Tips Work?** You load up the wallet associated with your intended tipbot with ReddCoins and then type in the appropriate commands to tip intended users. Here are the guides for the current tipbots: * [Reddit Tipbot]( * [Twitter Tipbot]( * [Twitch Tipbot]( There are also specific tip plugins for your browser: * [Google Chrome]( * [Mozilla Firefox]( Here are the Special Tip Commands (you can label your tips as snacks, drinks, and other things!): * [Special Tip Commands]( 
How Do I Start Minting ReddCoins?
Copy and Paste:
**How Do I Start Minting Coins?** 1. Download a ReddCoin [wallet]( 2. Transfer your ReddCoins to your wallet 3. Unlock your wallet (Menu: Settings -> Unlock Wallet) 4. Leave your wallet online. You're done! **QT Wallet**: * On the bottom right corner of your wallet you will see a bunch of icons. An arrow inside a gray circle means not staking. An arrow inside a green circle means staking. If the arrow's inside a gray circle, unlocking your wallet should do the trick. If it is already green, then leave your wallet on and you're good to go! **Social Wallet**: * On the bottom left corner of your wallet, you will specifically see the text **Staking** or **Not Staking**. If it says Not Staking, unlocking your wallet will do the trick. If it says Staking, then leave your wallet on and you're good to go! 
This is just a collection of recent questions/threads I helped answer in that inspired this post:
ReddCoin's Official Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).
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[Table] IAmA: I am Sos, who made McPixel and gave out free codes on Pirate Bay. Ask me anything!

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2012-08-17
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Link to my post
Questions Answers
Do you find it Ironic that you'll likely see a large boost in sales, after posting free codes for your game on TPB? Haha, I don't. But I can't tell if that happened (no data). But it makes a good point, on how pirates are not thieves, and that they are really cool :) Ok, I shouldn't use the word pirates, whatever, I hope you get what I mean ;)
Why are you so chilled with people downloading your games for free, and what are your thoughts on piracy in general? See other comments that just popped up for 'reasons of piracy'. People just pirate games for a wide range of reasons. Other's despise it. Others don't care. Some of the torrentors buy the game if they like it, some can't afford it!
Could you elaborate a little on how you've done financially? I'd be interested to know how many donations you've received vs. how many times your game has been pirated. I sold around 1k copies so far. No idea on amount of pirated ones. But I guess it's always proportional to sales. Somehow.
Congratulations! I really want to check your game now. Edit: that sounded really rude, is not, sorry :( Haha. No worries :) Look the game up on youtube to see what's this about! Link to
Did you pay Jesse from OMFGcata to commercialise your game? Hell no! He just picked it up and started playing! Also, I don't think I could afford such thing. I also don't think Jesse would do that.
I'm at work, so I can't check now. Can you tell us a little about the game for those of us that don't know it? Ok, McPixel is a save the day guy, like MacGyver or MacGruber. The game is a point'n'click adventure. But you traverse short simple levels. Each level has a bomb fused at 20 seconds and you have to use whatever's on screen to disarm it. Then you end up doing something totally awful and it blows up.
How greenlight works? i want it for steam!! People vote for games to get them on Steam!
What's you position on horse-sized ducks? Misionary.
What language did you use for game? and what extra libraries? I have no idea what your game is and have not played it, but I heard that it's good, but I can't get it, but I just want to know. Thanks! AS3 + Flashpunk. Here: Link to
I haven't actually played the game, but have watched Jesse Cox of OMFGCATA play it. I was wondering, has youtube playthroughs had a noticeable impact on your game's traffic? Super friggin awesome impact. Better than any reviews and other stuff. And it's really fun to watch people play it! I suppose the game is 'photogenic' in a way :)
PewDiePie started a Let’s Play of McPixel yesterday and he likes it quite a lot. How much do you think that his 1.5 million subscribers will increase your sells? It increased my sales really much! I think around 1000% even (from 10/day to 100/day)
How did you get in to creating games? I wanted to do that since ever! I was toyiong with computers as a kid and breaking them and creating awful C64 BASIC games. In the end... I became a teacher! :P But then lots of things happened and I now make my own games for a living! And It's a thing I always wanted to do and it feel really cool :)
What language/software/framework did you use to create your game? Did you use any external libraries? Is the level creatoeditor a separate application to the actual game? How long did it take you to finish development? Cheers. Ok, here we go: - The game is made in AS3 using Flashpunk - I used flashpunk, as I said :) - The creator is an unlockable part of the game - It took me roughly 10 months to make that game. It was started during Ludum Dare 21 one year ago. LD is a 48 hours game making competition. The version made during that time can be played here: Link to
How long did it take you to create the levels? I imagine some the bonus levels took a ton of time, like the bonus stage of chapter 4 with all those bombs. Which level did you have the most fun creating? Also, thanks for creating the game! It was great fun playing through it. Some levels took 2h to make, some took whole day. Mostly depends on the amount of re-used graphics. I don't know! All the levels! i had olots of fun, but it also was a lot of work!
I assume from the menu that you'll create DLC now, but what's your plan after McPixel? Sequel? Or a different game / genre? Any plans you can talk about already? No plans for now It's Uncle Frank! Link to Mosty McPixel Characters didn't have names, but this one was created when I planned for them to have names.
How did you motivate yourself to actually develop the game? And, what experience/training do you have? I look in my fridge and have to make a game before food runs out :P Haha, well not all the time, but that happens to everyone. I have a tiny industry experience (worked on an startup MMO that failed ) I have been learning making games by making games most of the time, because that's what I love to do and what I always wanted to be doing in life! (Ok, except for taking over the world)
How long have you had your company and would you count yourself as succeeding at what you aim to do? I am not a company! Ok, I am, but just for tax collectors. I consider myself successful, because I do what I love. I make games that people enjoy! My aim reaches no further than that! At least for now!
Have you considered getting this sold on steam? GOG? humble bundle? I don't know the logistics, benefits, or anything else about this, just curious :) Yes, Yes and yes! I'm looking forward for the upcoming Steam Greenlight launch (on 30th) to try and get it to Steam!
Can you actually live from being a small indie developper? Yup! But it can get rough on you.
Please will you tell us when you're websites back up so we can buy your game? (or tweet when it happens, that works too) I surely will!
Proof? Oh, Link to Sorry, I'm not a good redditor :P.
I just watched the launch trailer and I am torn between awesome and wat? How long did this take to develop? 10 Months roughly. First version was made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare competition and you can play it here: Link to It had 6 levels. Making all 100 levels took a long time, and I made few other games in the meantime too.
What are all the possible endings in level 1? Got every other level gold but the first. :( No spoilers! Take a break and make sure you clicked everything. The actions are different when you hold or not hold an item, keep that in mind too!
How much money has this game made you? How much did it cost you to make? It costed me 10 months of living to make 9you know, food and stuff. I sold around 1000 copies so far. I will use that money to make more games!
So did you have money in savings during those 10 months, or did you work a regular job at the same time? I had money savings from Thelemite sponsorship. In the meantime I made Super Pig and got some money too. Then I was a part of Indie Buskers, then I launched Super Office Stress. So I had to take breaks from making McPixel to make other games to be able to survive. Sorry for no linkies!
Heya! So I study, among other things, game design as part of my University education. It's super fun, because I think that the soul reason programming languages exist is to make games from them. I got some questions about your perspective on the indie scene and maybe some about game development processes. It is 2AM I can't think of any more questions. I like your game. I loved the fanart thing. Got a favourite piece of user art? Indie games is indie love! I always make sure to speak about fellow indies cool games when they come out, same with all the other indies. It's like a big family thing :)
Link to Is this a legit website too buy your game from, or should I buy it through your own website? Yup. My website is back up tho, and you get a desura code too.
Dude, your game looks hilarious. Is there any way to buy it while your sites down? No way to do that, sorries :(
Huh? You can buy it on Desura ... Oh I forgot about that, sorries. Anyways, site's back up!
Any plans for a new game? Not yet, I need to answer some questions first!
Would you put the game on a humble indie bundle? I am watching the you-tube game play right now and it looks amazing man! Great work! You have my support. I would! and I hope too in the future!
What do you think of space butterflys? It's not that. It's what the great Space Butterfly thinks of me that matters!
So, pretty much every level in this game is completely random and nonsensical, not a single thing in this game makes sense.. Which is why t's so awesome. So how did you come up with the ideas for these completely ridiculous and hilarious levels? I did not 'come up' with them. I just drew stuff midlessly and it came up like this. It was really hard to 'come up' with 100 levels, so I just went 'what the hell, i'll just start drawing'. And it worked :)
So how is the viral advertisment business going lately? Unexpectadly unexpected. I am kind of full of panic now :P Ok, perhaps I saw this coming from afar when posting the TPB comment, but no way I thought it would get this much recognition.
Your nickname looks familiar, some Slavonic roots? I live in a small town near Poznan. Are we acquainted?
As a someone who is interested in game development, what do you suggest what should i start learning first? Just google tools. try Stencyl, Construct, Love, Game Maker! Use whatever you like!
Pancakes or Waffles? Waffles!
Can you describe the short-term effect (apart from crashing your site) that the reddit attention had? My fingers hurt, I got some review copy requests pumped my twitter followers.
How do you come up with ideas for your games? Do you have an idea of what type of game, you are gonna do next? Do you watch all videos of people playing your games? :) I know you watch mine, and I've seen you comment on others. Alright, that's it. Stay awsome! Not all, but I do. I stay tuned on your Super Pig playthrough tho! Looking forwar dto the rest of Super Pig :) Oh and by the way, you need an Armor Games account to get onto the scoreboard, make sure you have that before you finish! I forgot to change that in the help!
What was your mental state when designing the levels for McPixel? It was nonexistant :P.
of all - how successful was the Indie Buskers event? Indie Buskers was really great! We made around $800 each! And we made some cool games too! Anbd had fun! It was a great experience :)
, what is your relation to S0phieH? Sophie is a friend and a fellow indie game developer! I haven't met her in real life tho.
I am rabiat! Am I the only one to see through this obvious publicity stunt? I can do nothing but raise my hat to you, Sos. Your stunt succeeded and the hive-mind didn't suspect a thing. You're not the only one. But it is not true. I got ambushed by reddit while sleeping soundly.
Sos you're awesome and truly an inspiration to the rest of us aspiring game devs. May I ask any plans for more games in the future? Thank you :) I plan to keep making games! I don't know what will it be yet!
You probably won't see this. But, the music at the intro of the game and menu is very similar to some music from the first episode of the 2005 Season of Doctor Who with Christopher Eccleston. Is this intentional? Oh, I did not know that. Can you link that please?
Well couldn't you also accept google wallet? I was just too lazy to code it :P.
Don't take this the wrong way but, what the fuck were you thinking when you made that game? Haha. This is the tough kind of question. :P I'll just say that the original tagline for McPixel was "Facepalm yourself to death"
I just played the demo and i need to say it's really funny. so are planing to make something like an update with more levels? There are 100 levels in the full version, and I will proceed to make additional Free DLC promptly!
Have you thought about putting a Bitcoin address in your post on Bittorrent? That way people who download your game can send you money right there. I'm considering adding other options ot the website after reading through the comments. I need to look up on the different methods, tho!
Cheers :) Please accept this: Link to Oh crap I replied to the wrong post, my brain is shutting down. I haven't had enough sleep, sorry! Anyways, try the game and see for yourself!
What's your favorite game, besides your own? :) Oh man, so many of them. Let me pick and underdog you should totally play. Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu (NES)
Can you explain to me what the game is all about ? i watched some Pewdiepie videos about it but... its so random, i dont even know xD but im looking forward to try it ! Cheers :) Please accept this: Link to
Are you going to produce levels based on The Great Space Butterfly, our glorious leader, and ruler of all? If you honestly do, I will buy your game. If you don't... I'll still buy it because the game looks awesome and you're a cool dude for doing this AMA and caring about your customers. I will produce one level based on that, yes! Thanks :)
When will you give out free codes again? Now! Link to
Hmm... I had a math teacher who went by 'Mr. Sos,' and I actually can't tell if that is you or not. Does Mendocino ring a bell? It's not. But I was a teacher too! :)
Are you Swedish by any chance? The trailer sure looked Swedish. Haha, nope, I'm Polish!
Hello Sos! What a cool game. I do have one question for you, though. How many cakes have you eaten in one sitting? Nuit.
Is it true there will be a space butterfly level in the upcoming dlc? Yup!
Do you have proof this wasn't a ploy to get reddit to buy your game? Yes, I do. But I prefer you just trust me. I would feel bad trying to prove my right.
So whens the space butterfly level coming out? I will do my best to push it by the end of the week!
Just wanted to tell you I was interested in buying your game, but I really dislike paypal. So I'll be waiting until you hit the Android market for my phone, or steam if that pans out. Otherwise, thanks for making games. I don't think I say that enough to developers. Thanks :) PayPal has an advantage of being popular, regardless whether people like it or not. Android version is coming reeeeaally soon, and I hope to get on Steam, with help of the people (Greenlight).
You should go back and watch it once you've done the puzzles, though, because Jesse is honestly hilarious. Haha yes he is!
Dubstep. Bloom. Heavy DOF. HD textures. First person. Snipers. Noscopes. 360 noscopes. A ranking system. Prestige mode. Your game has none of these ;_; It has bloom!
I think this is the most appropriate time for me to wish you a happy cake day. Happy cake day!
I HAVE CREATED AN ART FOR YOU. IT SPEAKS MY SOUL. Link to This is so awesome! Please submit to the website! Thanks!
Because of TPB, I will buy the game. Enjoy my $10.00. Thank you! I will use it wisely!
Mentioned in another reply that he was a teacher, probably made the game during his free time. I quit teaching a year before i went full-time indie.
I'll send an Sos to the world. Hello, this is the World, WTF did you just sent me!?
Hello World!
I saw "I'm SOS" and got so excited that Spurrier was on Reddit. Then I read the rest of the title. I am now disappointed, but I will say that while you are not the OBC, you seem like the kind of person we need in the game development and distribution industry. Keep up the good work! Sorry! I did not know there were more Soses :) And thank you!
I can see your game getting pretty popular. You have people like pewdiepie playing and that will get your game some much deserved attention. Great game friend! Thanks :) It's really great to see people enjoy my game!
My fingers hurt, I got some review copy requests pumped my twitter followers. Also, my nap got disrupted.
I can see like a 500% sale boost for you since the post about TPB comment. Nah it was not that much actually. And Pewdiepie posted a new LP video today too, so it's hard to tell what influenced the sales more.
Get some sleep. x. Is this the massage? More to the left please.
You're great for doing this! Just want to let you know, I'm torrenting the game now because I'm impatient, but I'll buy it ASAP. I watched a couple minutes of the playthrough and I was just laughing through it. Great job on this. No worries, grab the game! Link to
Piracy isn't bad itself - our system makes it bad. Think about it. (just like automation by machines is only taking our jobs in the current system but is not a bad thing after all) Also if OP reads this: thanks for this great act! Cheers!
Link please for legit version! Link to
Just wanted to say I really like your website. Thanks :) I hope you don't mean the DDoS notice!
Pewdiepie. That is all Brofist!
If you post a discount code for reddit users, I will buy the game without even looking at the video. That's what being a good guy developer gets you. Brofist. I don't have reusable codes promgrammed, so I'll just leave few discount codes here: 02E9-7813-FECA 02E9-7814-2DC3 02E9-7814-38CA 02E9-7814-414B 02E9-7814-4925 02E9-7814-5CA1 02E9-7814-6857 02E9-7814-7027 02E9-7814-77F4 02E9-7814-7FEC.
Hey. Just wanted to say that I bought the game after Jesse's first McPixel video (so I played the other parts before he did) and I loved it! :) Thanks! It's great to hear you enjoyed it :)
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