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CBT Nuggets is doing a training series on Bitcoin!

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CBT Nuggets now Accepting Bitcoin For IT, PM, and Office Training!

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CBT Nuggets online IT training now accepts Bitcoin

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CBT nugget all about bitcoin mining.

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Bitcoin Training Series from CBT Nuggets

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Do I have the necessary prerequisites to enroll?

The "Undergraduate Transfer Evaluation Guidelines" specifically states the prerequisites for admission to all Bachelor's I.T. Programs includes the following:
Demonstrate IT experience through at least one of the following:
I currently have an AAS degree in Machine Tool Technology (i.e. machining and manufacturing.) Would my degree fall under this category? It seems that they will take any AAS degree?
Also, some advice if you please... I'm 35+ years old, and have been messing around with computers since I was 10 years old (Commodore-64!) I know enough about computers to get in trouble. I've built around 30 computers (a lot easier these days than it used to be) and have setup perhaps a dozen home networks (again, easy beginners stuff.) I've installed all kinds of operating systems; anything from DOS/Win 3.1/Slackware Linux (back in the 90's) to Windows 10. I took a few CISCO classes about 20 years ago, but never got a job working with the equipment so I've forgotten most of it. I've always been good with computers, and I understand how Bitcoin works (lol!) but I admit that I've been out of the game for a while. I'm the guy that fixes all the techie stuff in the family, but the last actual tech job I had was in high school working at CompUSA in the back. Back then I was A+ certified (which was the bare minimum requirement.) I'm not married, no kids, and I have about 3-4 hours I can dedicate to homework every night. I have access to CBT Nuggets, and whatever textbooks I need. I believe my job will pay for my education, as long as I have proof I passed my classes. I might even quit my job if this looks like a good opportunity.
Do you think I could start a Bachelors of Science in Information Technology, Network Operations and Security, or Cybersecurity and Information Assurance?
I do not have access or exposure to the actual hardware, and would have zero hands-on experience with the physical components (although I suppose build a "Cisco Lab Environment" depending on the cost?)
Could I still learn enough through WGU to land an entry-level job?
The last thing I remember was the OSI Model and the TCP/IP Stack. Do you think I might be overwhelmed with the acronyms?
Thank you for your help and advice. Your response is appreciated.
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IT job near in/around Philadelphia (no degree/self-taught)

As the title says, I am looking for any IT job in/around Philadelphia (I am to the west, near King of Prussia). Hell, even unpaid (hired, on paper) jobs/internships would work for me at this time.
I made some money from Bitcoin and related probjects that I've been living off of, but I have to face reality sometime and have been looking for a job for a couple weeks now. Unfortunately post high school education is prohibitively expensive, so I have about 2 years of college classes and a lot of self-education. I learn very quickly, read documentation, and can use Google/StackExchange. I know how to do unix and Windows network authentication, setup/secure/configure workstations/networks/endpoints/routers etc etc. I also have a lot of familiarity with database management and PHP and all that.
As far as my online environment goes, I pretty much grew up on Hackforums so I've picked up a lot there and spent a lot of time there debunking people's BS. Anyway . . .
I have also watched/read a lot of certification training material from CBT Nuggets and other sources.
Nothing special, but I am sure I can accomplish any entry level position
While I have contributed code to projects like Freenet Project, but I do not believe I am capable of writing code for a living.
I only ever lurked on reddit before seeing this board, so I figured it was worth a shot.
Thanks much!
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MicroNugget: Securing a Bitcoin Wallet Avalon Mini Miner Setup MicroNugget: What is Bitcoin?

CBtNuggets: Bitcoin Basics How to unhide the content. Sign in to follow this . Followers 3 [Offer] CBtNuggets: Bitcoin Basics. By EricJey, October 3, 2013 in Other Shares. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Recommended Posts. EricJey 72 EricJey 72 Junior Member; Members ; 72 6 posts ... Spending Bitcoin is as easy sending email according to CBT Nuggets employee and Bitcoin fanatic Birk Nelson. Recently, Birk appeared on a local radio show and discussed how to spend the digital currency, how to acquire it, and why it's comparable to gold. You can listen to the recording below. Posted in Basics, Learn Bitcoin, Video + 2 comments Welcome to Bitcoin . Learn what it is, how it works, and how you can get started using it in this groundbreaking CBT Nuggets series with trainer Keith Barker. Bitcoin isn’t some futuristic coin, it’s already used and accepted by people/businesses around the world! Want to learn more about the digtial currency that’s making headlines every day? Below is a recording of a recent radio broadcast featuring CBT Nuggets CEO Dan Charbonneau, who dicusses Bitcoin wallets, and how to store and spend bitcoin. Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money … Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. r/Bitcoin. log in sign up. User account menu. 31. CBT Nuggets now Accepting Bitcoin For IT, PM, and Office Training! Close. 31. Posted by. u/Zebulon_Pike. 6 years ago. Archived. CBT Nuggets now Accepting Bitcoin For IT, PM, and ...

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MicroNugget: Securing a Bitcoin Wallet

This video will show you how to quickly get mining bitcoin with the Avalon Mini miner. For more information about bitcoin, please go to bitcoin.cbtnuggets.com. In this MicroNugget, CBT Nuggets trainer Keith Barker explains what Bitcoin is and how to get it. This MicroNugget directly relates to my free CBT Nuggets Bi... In this MicroNugget, I show you how to secure your Bitcoin wallet using two-factor authentication. This MicroNugget directly relates to my free CBT Nuggets B...