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You got a bottle of great homemade moonshine, but you do not like its smell and color? Don't worry, it's easy enough to fix. You can add a refined taste to your homemade alcoholic drink with the help of various herbal or fruit additives. So, on what to Related posts:Potato Tortillas with Cheese RecipeTart-Shifter from New Potatoes RecipeFish Chops RecipeQuick Snack Cake with Buckwheat Recipe Related posts:Chicken Breast in Creamy Lemon Sauce RecipeStewed Rabbit with Gratin under Cheese RecipePasta with Broccoli RecipeEggplant "Decoration" Recipe Charlotte kommt aus Deutschland, dort erfanden sie einen Kuchen aus altem Brot, verpaßt mit Vanillepudding und verschiedenen Früchten, meist Äpfel oder Kirschen, mit dem Zusatz von Alkohol.Das Fleisch des Brotes wird auf den Boden der Form gelegt, und Äpfel, die in süßem Sirup gehockt oder gekocht werden, werden darauf gelegt. Sie können mehrere Ebenen erstellen. KHASHLAMA Khashlama is a simple, yet nutritious and colorful dish made of meat that is cooked on low heat with vegetables. In Azerbaijani kitchens, the word “Khashil”... Sabzi Qovurma. SABZI QOVURMA (herbs and meat stew) The word “sabzi” in the name of the dish came into Azerbaijani language from Iran. In the Persian language, “sabzi” means... Bischi. BISCHI (accent on the last

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